UF head coach Will Muschamp is very straightforward when comes it to football.

Football injuries, however, are another story.

But following Florida’s 24-20 loss to Georgia, Muschamp was asked if he thinks winning the SEC will be a long process for the Gators.

His answer marked the first time he has addressed the obvious — Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey just aren’t made for Charlie Weis’ offense.

“No I don’t. I think we’re close,” he said. “I think we gotta build our numbers back. I think we gotta get better on the line of scrimmage. I think it’s very difficult to run a power running game with who we have. And I like the guys we got, but the bottom line is you (have to) look at some situations where we are. It doesn’t take anybody real educated to figure it out.”

On his radio show Thursday night, a caller wanted to know if Muschamp will start recruiting the every-down bruisers rather than “speed guys.”

While he couldn’t comment specifically about any prospects per NCAA rules, Muschamp echoed the comments he made in Saturday night’s postgame press conference. The Gators need to get bigger, stronger and deeper in the backfield.

“Certainly we’re looking to try and get a little bit bigger at that position,” he said. “You can’t make it through our league with one or two running backs. You need to have a stable of guys.

“You look at some of the teams in our league who have multiple backs, and they’re able to take the hits and punishment of this league. The defenses are very physical and they’re ahead of the offenses right now for the most part. So getting a big, physical back that can finish runs down the field, finish the game for you and run the ball in the red zone is something we would want.”

Fortunately for Florida, help is on the way.

Demps and Rainey will be replaced next season with the size Muschamp is searching for in running back commitments Mike Davis and Matt Jones.

According to Rivals.com, Rainey came to UF in 2007 at 5-foot-9, 159 pounds, and Demps was the same height and just three pounds heavier when he arrived the following year.

Davis is currently listed at 5-11, 200 pounds, while Jones stands at 6-3, 215 pounds.

That’s a BIG difference, which is exactly what Davis feels he and Jones will make at Florida.

“Us two together, with the power and the speed that we both have, I think we can be difference-makers in the SEC,” said Davis, who has rushed for 1,574 yards and 19 touchdowns in his senior season. “Those teams don’t wanna see that one-two punch.”

Despite the Gators’ dreadful offensive play, Davis believes things will turn around in the coming years.

“I think the new offense will work,” he said, “but it’s not working with the running backs they have now. Once they get backs that are bigger and have speed (too), they’ll be able to do what they want.

“It will be a great offense for me and Matt Jones. With Demps and Rainey being smaller, I think we should be able to come in and handle the load because of us being bigger backs.”

Although Davis is disappointed with UF’s four-game losing streak, he sees an opportunity in Gainesville.

“I can’t even explain what’s up with the losing,” Davis said. “It’s frustrating as a recruit to sit and watch it. You don’t wanna see the school that you’re going to lose.

“But the positive is that with losing, they can rebuild for next year and fix the things they did wrong. And I love the coaching staff, they’re great coaches. I just think to myself that once I get there, I can be a game-changer.”

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