Bronson was the first commitment to Florida's 2014 class. (Photo by Chris Fields)

Fort Myers Dunbar receiver Ryeshene Bronson wants to clear the air.

Contrary to recent rumors, the Florida commit said he’s not about to be dropped by the Gators due to poor academics.

Bronson’s GPA is currently 2.8 according him and his position coach, Chris Fields. He’s only behind in one class at this time.

“I have one bad grade right now, and that’s Spanish,” Bronson said. “I have a 59 in the class and I’m trying to get a tutor to help me out. But other than that, all my grades are good. I’m trying to go to college and I don’t want anybody looking at me in a bad way, especially when they don’t even know me or my situation.”

Bronson said both UF coach Will Muschamp and receivers coach Joker Phillips haven’t told him he’s in jeopardy of losing his spot in the class.

“They’ve came to my school to see me and never told me my grades were bad,” Bronson said. “The only thing they’ve said to me is that I need to bring up my grade up in Spanish.”

Fields said while Bronson could improve in the classroom, he’s well on track to qualify next year.

“As far as qualifying, I’m going to squash all those rumors right now because he’s definitely going to do that, without a doubt,” Fields said. “He always can do better, but he’s not one of those kids who are way behind. He’s good to go with his grades and he just took his ACT last week.”

To be ruled eligible by the NCAA Clearinghourse, a prospective student athlete must complete 16 core classes, earn a minimum required grade-point average of 2.0 in those courses and earn a combined SAT or ACT sum score that matches the core-course grade-point average and test score sliding scale (HERE).

For example, Bronson would need a combined minimum SAT score of 700 or sum ACT score of 57 to qualify with his current GPA. If he raises his GPA, his required SAT or ACT score would be lower.

“I’ve been pushing him to get over that 3.0 and stay above it,” Fields said. “He’s capable of doing it. I want to see him making strides and improving in his grades, which he has done since his freshman year. That’s very important to me. But again, his grades aren’t an issue. Florida has never told me or him that they’re thinking about dropping him.”

Fields is proud of the progression Bronson has made throughout his high school career.

“I know the kid personally, that’s like a son to me,” Fields said. “I talk to him everyday. He’s from a one-parent home. Right now there’s a lot going on in his life and things of that nature. It’s overwhelming for him, but he’s in the process adjusting to it and staying focused.”

Bronson is ranked No. 119 overall in the Rivals250 and was one of the top performers at the Under Armour Combine on Jan. 4.

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