I have to hand it to Will Muschamp and his staff.

I did not think they could get Thomas Holley away from the Northeast, even with Larry Johnson leaving Penn State. But for the second time this year, Muschamp landed an out-of-state defensive lineman and proved me wrong.

And it was because of the relationship he built with Holley, which dating back to last year has been a common theme with the recruits he flips.

Last week I said Florida would have a surprise commitment, and Holley certainly fits the bill. But I expect Muschamp to pull off a least one more flip between now and signing day.

Should we expect any commitments from official visitors this weekend? — Antonio, Seth

Of the nine official visitors in town, there are three who could possibly pop. Would they be allowed to is the question.

It seems like Florida is now the favorite for athlete Deiondre Porter, who just decommitted from USF. But can UF take him right now with only a few spots left and bigger priorities still on the board? Porter isn’t even being recruited for a specific position. He could very well end up a Gator, but it probably won’t be this weekend.

Offensive tackle Yodny Cajuste and Missouri defensive end commit Rocel McWilliams are the other two on commitment watch. As in-state prospects who don’t have many offers, they may jump at the chance to join Florida’s class. However, the coaches will likely wait on their top targets at those positions before they give Cajuste and McWilliams the green light.

Any more potential flips? Tyler, Guru, Hunter, Johnoy

A handful of recruits committed elsewhere remain on Florida’s board, and given the way things have been going lately, there’s definitely potential for the Gators to continue the trend.

Their best chances are with FSU quarterback Treon Harris, Minnesota running back commit Jeff Jones, FSU receiver commit C.J. Worton and McWilliams. I don’t anticipate Florida getting one of these prospects in particular, but I could see it happening with any of them. I’m sure there’s also someone else on Muschamp’s radar that I’m not aware of.

Which receivers ultimately end up in our class out of Isaiah McKenzie, Garrett Johnson, Charles Nelson, Myles Autry and C.J. Worton? — C-Slim, GaGators02, Phil

First of all, I think the Gators beat out Arizona State and Oregon for junior college wideout Eric Lauderdale, who plans to make his decision in late January.

Then they need to get a slot receiver, which is what all the other targets are except Worton.

Johnson has yet to be offered, and Florida stopped recruiting Nelson. Autry is very interested in UF, but it looks like the coaches have their sets sights on McKenzie. If they miss on him, that’s when you’ll see the heat turned up on Autry or Johnson.

I’m told Johnson, currently a Kentucky commit, will flip to Florida on the spot if offered.

As for Worton, he’s a plus-one guy the Gators would love to have if they can nab him from Florida State.

DE Lorenzo Carter, ATH Adoree’ Jackson and OL Damian Prince — Vinny, Johnoy, Phil, Tamayo

What I wrote about yesterday and in the previous Mail Stack is really all there is to say about these three at this time.

Right now I feel Carter goes to Georgia, Prince picks Florida and Jackson chooses between UF and USC.

Do you see any other spots opening up? We might need a couple more to fill everyone on our board.jlallgier, Johnoy

As I mentioned last week, offensive lineman Dontae Angus hasn’t spoken to Florida since Tim Davis was fired and is likely heading to prep school. There are also reports that offensive lineman Travaris Dorsey may not qualify. For what it’s worth, he told me his grades are fine.

For months I’ve thought it was a foregone conclusion that J.C. Jackson would not stick with UF. But after speaking with his uncle, who is basically running the show with his recruitment, I’m not sure what to think. In my opinion, it’s going to come down to whether or not he officially visits FSU.

Florida currently has 25 scholarships available for 2014, and 19-21 of those are taken depending on the status of Angus, Dorsey and Jackson.

At 20 without Angus, I see UF finishing with two more receivers (one being Lauderdale), two more offensive lineman (one being Prince) and an athlete. It will be two athletes if the Gators lose J.C. Jackson and can in turn get both Adoree’ Jackson and Deiondre Porter.

If they land a second quarterback or another defensive end that can’t be turned away, they’ll just have to oversign and figure out the numbers later.

Could we get updated percent chances on targets signing with the Gators? — T.J.

For those asking, I’ll be ready to put out a mock class next week after I hear how things went with the visitors this weekend.

QB Treon Harris — 35%
RB Tony James — 10%
RB Jeff Jones — 30%
RB Derrell Scott — 40%
WR Myles Autry — 45%
WR Garrett Johnson — 99% (if UF offers)
WR Eric Lauderdale — 75%
WR Isaiah McKenzie  — 50%
WR C.J. Worton — 35%
OL Yodny Cajuste — 50%
OL Derrick Kelly — 5%
OL Andrew Mike — 65%
OL Damian Prince — 70%
DE Lorenzo Carter — 40%
DE Davon Godchaux — 30%
DE Rocel McWilliams — 45%
ATH Adoree’ Jackson — 55%
ATH Deiondre Porter — 50%

That’s all for this week! Be sure to leave your questions for the next mailbag in the comment section below.

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